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Centre Folded Polythene sheeting 6 ft wide

Available in Clear, Black or white. Our centre folded sheeting is the best quality for hundreds of uses. For lightweight sheeting use 250g. If it is to be walked on use 1000g for safety. These rolls are all 6ft wide folded in half to 3ft.

Price per roll for qty shown
Code Size in feet 1-2 3-6 7+ Total Quantity
BR100036B Builders Roll 45m 1000g Black 3ft /6ft £61.47 £55.91 £48.61
BR100036C Builders Roll 45m 1000g Clear 3ft /6ft £61.47 £55.91 £48.61
BR50036B Builders Roll 91m 500g Black 3ft /6ft £61.47 £55.91 £48.61
BR50036C Builders Roll 91m 500g Clear 3ft /6ft £61.47 £55.91 £48.61
BR25036B Builders Roll 183m 250g Black 3ft /6ft £61.47 £55.91 £48.61
BR25036C Builders Roll 183m 250g Clear 3ft /6ft £61.47 £55.91 £48.61

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Buy Centre Folded Polythene sheeting 6 ft wide from Transpack - the Packaging Suppliers who keep all your packaging supplies in stock for next day delivery.