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Just to say I received my order today - only ordered yesterday morning. Fantastic service! If only all companies operated as efficiently as you! Thank you very much. Hope to use you again if my venture takes off.


I would like to thank you & your team at Transpack for the level of service we have received recently. I know we are not a regular customer but I highly appreciate the fast turnaround of our orders. This has enabled us to start our project on schedule and most importantly please our customer. Many thanks.

Oliver 11th Feb 2011

Yours was the second website I looked at concerning Clear Plastic Bags and besides being very easy to navigate, etc. I also liked your prices. Well done.


The product sample was just what was needed, received the following day by post, and now ordered via the web site. Thank you for your excellent service so far, it's why I chose you.


The replacement parcel arrived this morning..... I would like to thank you for the prompt and honourable way you handled my query re non delivery. Don't see too much of this kind of service these days so it was a very pleasant surprise..


Plastic Containers

Lidded crystal clear display boxes and a range of airtight food storers.

Crystal Clear Presentation Boxes Thumbnail

Crystal Clear Presentation Boxes

These are the business!

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Lidded Distribution Boxes

Tough as old boots!

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Sealfresh Food Containers

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